My wife is a very busy real estate broker.

If she's not on a phone call at any given time, she's preparing for one - or driving to meet a client, show a home, or list a property.

And that's to say nothing of the many hours a day she spends doing paperwork.

Endless amounts of paperwork.

She wouldn't be so busy without so many clients, but that's not how you want to increase your free time, now is it? 🤣

The best way for busy real estate pros to steal time from their busy schedules is to constantly improve their processes and employ digital tools that help them be more efficient.

Three new FREE ways to do this and get better digital marketing simultaneously (so you have all those clients making you busy!) are here to help you write listing descriptions, create blogs, and ensure your website has excellent SEO.

Create real estate blog content in seconds - for free

Writing is hard. And it's hard work. And frustrating.

But, in today's digital world, content marketing in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, and website copywriting is critical and essential to growing your business via the internet.

One way to generate an entire, unique blog post you can use on your real estate website or social media to boost SEO and generate more traffic is to use ReallyBlogIt (  

ReallyBlogIt is an OpenAI/ChatGPT AI-based web application accessible from any device that's custom-built for busy real estate agents (and the support personnel who assist them).

Just point your browser at the URL above and sign in for free.

Then, pick a topic you'd like to write about (note: writing about something that's trending is even better!), and the app will instantly suggest five subject lines for you.

Pick the one you want, then click to generate an entire blog post. The post is even generated in an editable text field, so you can edit it if you like or sprinkle in personal or brand info to highlight your personality.

Then, just copy and paste.

The more content you put out, the more search visibility you get in Google - and the more your website visitors see you as a trusted authority (this means more conversions for you).  

Try it now. It takes seconds to use, and it's kinda fun too.

Build property descriptions online for your MLS listings

Another way to use AI that's set up just for Realtors® is ReallyPDQ.

It, too, is a free OpenAI/ChatGPT AI-based web app similar to ReallyBlogIt in that you log in, pick features of the home your listing, then click to generate a well-written listing blurb you can edit or post as-is directly to your MLS listing.

Again, try this one, and you'll see how quick, easy, and time-saving it is to use tools in your daily realtor life.

Find it here:

If you're a busy agent and you loathe sitting down after a hellish day to crank out listing descriptions that look like all the others, make ReallyPDQ a part of your weekly routine.

You'll save time and money (on the Tylenol you buy for the headaches of writing listing blurbs!). 🤣

Google is how all home buyers and sellers find the agents they need (check out how they behave on the web by reading the story in my bio here).

Getting found when prospective clients search the web, though, is much, much more complicated than it looks.

SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization," is the process of configuring and maintaining a website and its content so that Google associates it with top queries you care about (and want to be seen for!)

The web app ReallyRankIt lets agents enter their website URLs and get back an instant report on how well their site is set up for SEO:

It also gives you an in-depth report chocked full of actionable information you can use (or give to your web hosting provider) to fix issues with your site that is keeping it from being seen in Google.

Google search is the top way real estate agents (or any business, for that matter) get found.

ReallyRank it lets you scan your site every month to see how it's doing and keep it ship-shape. If you do, over time, Google will reward you with higher rankings in search results for queries your buyer and seller targets make when seeking real estate assistance.

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